Biblical Exposition

The Bible contains God’s revelation to us.

The need for getting to know the content of the Bible is, therefore, like our need for water and food but in the spiritual dimension.

Select from the dropdown under “biblical exposition” above to choose a book of the Bible to browse.

The goal is to provide biblical exposition that is based more on analysis at the paragraph level and informed by modern linguistics and discourse analysis. Since a linguistic analysis of large texts takes time to accomplish, I will be publishing expositions that may not have gone through a rigorous linguistic analysis and will revise the expositions if needed.

What it means to focus more on the paragraph level is that this site will try not to concern itself with word level and, in a sense, verse level exegesis. That is to say, I will not present that type of material, it will be done behind the scenes. While word level and verse level exegesis is a necessary step in understanding the Bible, it is often done to the exclusion of higher levels of discourse. In presenting a paragraph level exegesis I will be giving you what I think to be the main point in more summative fashion of any given paragaph and make it easier to trace out the flow of a book. This may be subject to change as things evolve on the site.


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