What I’ve Been Up To

I’m becoming slow to update! I’ve been trying to audit two one-week courses at school last week and this week and have learned that I wasn’t yet ready to do that. I finished my last round of chemotherapy only a month ago and I pushed a little too hard these last two weeks. I have a cold now and am missing some time from the current class. Nonetheless, it has been a wonderful two weeks.

Last week’s course was called “On the Road to Emmaus: Motifs in Old Testament Theology.” Wow. It was life-transforming. Whole new avenues for understanding the theology of the OT were opened up to me. The course was taught by Providence Theological Seminary’s President and Professor of Old Testament, August (Gus) Konkel. He was an excellent teacher and example and I’m glad that upon retirement this month, he’ll be moving back to south-western Ontario and will be around MacDiv.

This week’s course is called “The Gospel of Belief: New Ways of Understanding John,” taught by Hans Förster from the University of Vienna in Austria. The time I have so far spent in class has been excellent. I’m also encouraged to try to pick up Coptic! But I’m at home right now trying to sleep and recover.

If you’re in south-western Ontario, I highly recommend watching for MacDiv’s summer offerings next year. They really know how to put on summer courses, including a Monday BBQ and mid-week chapel!


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