The New Blog & Teaching through John

I used to be a fairly avid blogger. I would write mostly on the things I was learning in linguistics and biblical studies, but found myself needing a break. After a substantial break, I’ve begun this new site with a specific purpose: exegeting and teaching from the Bible. As a grad student in New Testament studies, this is my passion.

I’ve decided to begin with a series on the Gospel of John. No matter what I study (and I love the whole Bible) I keep coming back to this book as one I want to do more and more work in. It just grips me.

This blog’s foundation will be twice weekly bible studies on John’s Gospel to start. I’m currently undergoing treatment for an illness so I’m going to be flexible with the frequency. My goal is to release a new study on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The blog will also contain my musings throughout the week as I see fit on issues and resources related to biblical studies but in order that the studies through John are not lost, you will find them indexed above in the header.

My goal with these studies is to keep them relatively brief and to operate on a non-technical level so that they are open to everyone. I’m going to err on the side of handling pericopes and the meaning of the text at this level and not spending my time writing on single verses so much. There will be times where a topic might demand it, however. Exactly what this will look like will become clear as I start to write them! My hope is that they will be a source of devotional study for you as you follow along with me.

Please feel free to interact in the comments section (and we can get more technical there if you have questions).

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